Back to school ~looks~ from H&M Divided

Fall is coming

That's how the Game of Thrones line goes, right? I'm kidding, at least about GOT. We all know it's Winter. That being said, Fall is coming and with Fall comes back to school. Some of you have already started and others will be starting soon. College is a time for reinvention and getting to wear stuff that would've sent you to the office in High School (I may or may not have only worn tank tops my Freshman year). With H&M Divided it's easy to put together a whole new wardrobe and not spend all the money you've saved from the Summer. Don't believe me? Here are just a few looks you can get with your H&M discount from their Divided line.

1. Florals, for fall? Groundbreaking.

Florals aren't just a Spring/Summer staple. Go for muted colors like this Chiffon Dress with Lace. By pairing it with the dark ankle boot you can take this sun dress into your first semester (or even a party or two). Look for accessories that complement the look (like this cute hoops).

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2. Camo on over

They say you can't wear white after Labor Day, but they're wrong. A crisp white hoodie will always make you look presentable (even if you just throw it on). Go for a printed short like these camo ones to offset the starkness of the white. Finish it all off with some mesh sneakers and you are good to go.

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3. Cool, calm, collegiate

What's great about this v-neck sweater is that it comes in both black AND white. If you're all about that Great Gatsby vibe, this vintage inspired sweater with modern touches like high-waisted skinny jeans and platform sneakers update the overall look.

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4. Lumberjack, but make it fashion

Say it with me, FALL IS FOR FLANNELS! This particular flannel comes in 4 different colors which means you're pretty much set. Pair it with some ripped skinny jeans because no one can tell you not to AND a graphic t-shirt to show that you CAN pull an outfit together.

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5. Mad about plaid

Plaid is a hot pattern for Fall. Regardless of if it's 1988 or 2018, plaid has a place in your wardrobe. This bib overall dress mixes the best of both worlds and gives you that cool vintage feel. Complement it with a cropped tee and platform sneakers or booties.

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6. Casually a canvas

Switch things up by putting a cream t-shirt over a black tank. If it's still hot outside, try the straight fit denim shorts with paint splatters for an artsy vibe. When the temperature drops, a pair of dark denim with Chelsea boots is the ultimate style move.

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7. Sweater (dress) weather

When the leaves start to change, you know it's time to bust out the sweaters. A sweater dress is a great transitional piece as you wait for the cool to set in. Keep things casual with sneakers and sunglasses.

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8. No bike necessary

The detailing on the biker jeans make it look like an effort was made, even if you just pulled them out of the drawer and put them on. Also due to the detailing, it's harder to see if they're wrinkled so... no iron necessary. Wear a white tank under a black cotton tee for a layering effect. Throw on a camo jacket when the temperature drops for added flair.

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9. When life gives you lemons

With temperatures still being up in the air, you're in dire need of some easy transitional weather outfits. By wearing the ribbed jersey top with denim shorts, you won't get cold in chilly classrooms and won't be sweltering while walking across campus. Platforms sneakers are extremely comfortable to walk in and elevate your overall ~look~.

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