5 Easy Back To College Hairstyles

In need of a little back to school hairspo? We've been taking a little look at, (OK, stalking) the guys over at ghd because who knows hair better than they do? Their name is good hair day after all.

1. Braidy Lady

If the weather is super hot when you're heading to class, braids are the perfect way to look cute, keep cool and control frizz! You may need a hand from your roommate if you're not a French or Dutch braid expert but this look is well worth the extra effort. Plus, if you sleep in your braids you'll be left with awesome waves the next day. Easy, breezy, college hair! ‌

2. The Sleek Pony

A super sleek and smart look is the pony tail. A high pony means business, a low pony is super chic and a mid pony shouts out that you're totally smart and you've got your life together. Run your ghd stylers over your hair using a smoothing serum, brush it all up into your desired pony height and secure with a band. ‌

3. Accessorize That!

Is your normal hair just too boring now after a summer full of festival hair and beach waves? Try adding a few braids, some hair rings, studs and more for cute hair that's still college appropriate. Maybe this style isn't the one for sorority recruitment but for every day classes and heading out for coffee with your besties afterwards, it's perfect. ‌

4. Twist & Shout

Don't know what to do with your second day hair? Smush some dry shampoo into your roots to add texture and get rid of any excess oil, tong a few curls into the ends using your ghd stylers or curling iron and twist two front sections and secure at the back with hairpins or a small band. Easy, stylish and all kinds of boho chic! ‌

5. Messy Waves

Finally, a look that's always going to be a winner for college is the classic messy waves style. If you have naturally wavy hair it's obviously going to be the easiest look for busy college mornings but even if you're naturally straight or curly you can totally rock this look with a little more preparation. Try going from the easy braids in step one into this look the next day, done! ‌
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