Top 10 ice-breakers for Freshers

Being thrown into halls or seminar groups with a bunch of strangers can be really, really daunting. But, once you find your tribe, you'll be settled in in no time - trust us. Feel like you've already found your people? Why not opt for something a little bit different than a night down the local? Break the ice even more with some of Virgin Experience Days epic events from around the UK. Here are 10 different experiences to whittle down the weirdos from your favourite people sharpish. Basically, if they don't love what you love, you'll know by how they react when you take them pizza making, whiskey blending or down the ol' Crystal Maze.

Because food is life

If every activity you have to do has to include food (like it does for me) then you will absolutely love SpunCandy where you get to make your own face out of sweets, a chocolate making workshop or an evening with the Biscuiteers icing your very own super cute biscuits (which includes prosecco!).

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Or, how about pizza making and eating, obviously? We're huge pizza fans here at UNiDAYS HQ and we had a team day making pizza and it was seriously good fun.

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Drinks, drinks, drinks

It wouldn't be Freshers without a few drinks though, right? If you're feeling fancy, how about this sushi making and cocktail masterclass? Or, some exciting whiskey blending? This is available in 12 locations all over the UK! Finally, gin tasting is one of our fave activities that Virgin Experience Days do. Did you see when we took some lovely bloggers to the East London Distillery? Tasting is a really fun way to find out new drinks and concoctions that you didn't realise you liked and it's really fun to experience with your friends.

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Sophisticated tea

I won't lie, a lot of these ice-breakers involve food or drink but there's nothing better than getting together and bonding with your fellow foodies over delicious treats! If you're feeling extra sophisticated or one of your tribe has a birthday then you can't go wrong with a celebratory afternoon tea, can you? Tea and cakes solve literally everything.

Adventure time

Had enough of the food chat? How about getting a team together to tackle the Crystal Maze in Manchester or London? Or if the weather's still treating us well, Go Ape is so much fun and really good for breaking down any inhibitions or barriers!

What would you choose as your ice-breaker?

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