Tasty Burns Night treats

Apart from tartan, Mary Queen of Scots, Sean Connery (arguably the best James Bond), the Lochness monster and hilarious twitter jokes, we can often forget about all the things that Scotland has given us. Just think about it; without them, there would be no Union Jack flag. So as our neighbouring country celebrates Burns night in honour of Robert Burns, we plan on celebrating all the fabulous foods we wouldn't have, here in England, if it weren't for them!
Article_Burns_TunnockTeacake Image source galleryfantastic.com
Undoubtedly the best thing that Scotland has given us are Tunnock's tea cakes! If you've never had one that you have not lived - get yourself some marshmallowy goodness right now.
Article_Burns_FullBrekkie Image source tripadvisor.co.uk
Article_Burns_EggRice Image source thetimes.co.uk
Article_Burns_SmokedSalmon Image source cheshiresmokehouse.co.uk
Basically, pretty much all of our favourite breakfast foods are down to Scotland. Whether that's a full fry up (complete with black pudding of course), a bowl of kedgeree or a fancy smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel (which you may think is a New York thing but actually most of our smoked salmon is Scottish).
Article_Burns_Oats Image source ukdietitian.co.uk
And all those fabulous oat-based snacks? We nicked them from Scotland too.
Article_Burns_Shortbread Image source recipeshubs.com
Article_Burns_MacNCheese Image source conveniencestore.co.uk
Article_Burns_VanillaFudge Image source cyclingcook.blogspot.com
Article_Burns_DeepFried Image source fxcuisine.com
We've also got Scotland to thank for the fact that dieting is so hard! They've basically given us all the carby-goodness - shortbread, macaroni cheese pies and fudge. I'm not totally sure about deep fried pizza or mars bars though...
Article_Burns_IrnBru Image source dailyrecord.co.uk
Article_Burns_Whiskey Image source crownheights.info
Article_Burns_Cocktails Blackberry whisky smash, The harvest sparkle, Blood orange cocktail, Rosemary peach maple leaf cocktail
And it's not only delicious Scottish food that you can celebrate Burns Night with - we've got Scotland to thank for Irn Bru and Whisky too. So it's great whether you're a drinker or not. And why not up the celebrations with one of these yummy cocktails? Whisky based of course, to honour the Scottish day.

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