Tackling alcohol anxiety

So, you’re getting ready for a night out and having a pre pre-drink before you head out to the actual pre’s at your mates house. Many people think that having an alcoholic drink will help them chill out and therefore rely on this to feel more socially confident. Alcohol disrupts the processes in the brain, creating the relaxed feeling when you have your first drink prior to a night out. However, these effects soon wear off. The benefits are short lived and as we all know, make you feel a lot worse the next day.

Along with the expected hangover symptoms such as sickness and that dreaded pounding headache, many people experience what we call alcohols anxiety hangover. As your body processes the alcohol you drank the night before, the sedatives wear off and have a direct effect on your mood. Withdrawing from the effects of alcohol can make you feel depressed, anxious, agitated or paranoid. What we like to call the beer fear. Resulting in worry and self consciousness. Whether you’re en route to the shop to pick up some hangover cure goodies, or embarking on a walk of shame. When you feel like everyone’s staring and your looking to the floor, know that there are a few things you can do!

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help tackle alcohol anxiety:

Know your triggers

Surround yourself with good friends, and people you trust. Removing that extra layer of the unknown and worry of regrets. You only get this student experience once, so make the most of it. It’s all lessons learned and memories made.

Don’t rely on alcohol to have a good time

I know you’ve probably heard that one a thousand times before but there are plenty of mocktails on 2-41-! Eating out and daytime activities with your flat and course mates are a great way of forming lasting bonds and having just as much fun without the headache.

Don’t feel self conscious

If you feel you need a drink to feel comfy in what your wearing, or comfy around the people you are with: just remember no two people are the same so don’t doubt your outfit or compare yourself to others. Everyone in the room is probably feeling exactly the same as you. Learn to love your own skin, you are unique and you look great!.

Give your body what it needs

A dioralyte prior to a big night out and a pint of water before bed are two things to live by at uni to lessen the hangover symptoms (along with the alcohol anxiety) the next day. Eggs for breakfast contain amino acids to help your liver recover. Replenish your sugars with a sports drink and if all else fails: carbs, carbs, carbs!

If you feel you are suffering from severe anxiety on a day to day basis, don't be scared to talk to you GP or read more at Drink Aware.

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