Pretty it up this Halloween

Right now you probably have a dilemma on your hands; do you make a massive effort for Halloween and create a great costume (buying an outfit you'll never wear again in the process) or do you just wear normal clothes and spend all night trying to explain what your outfit is? Or you could choose hidden option number 3 and wear normal clothes that you'll love even after October 31st, while still rocking an amazing costume. Whether you want to be scary or sweet, all the while looking totally stylish and dressed for the occasion then I've got the looks for you.


Pretty-halloween-5 Possibly the most classic icon of Halloween, you can look perfectly wicked without the need for green body paint. Obviously an all-black-errthang ensemble is a must - I love this lacy black dress. Perfectly pointy boots will keep you looking witchy and this amazing witch hat headband will finish the look perfectly.


Pretty-halloween-3 For those who are really not down for Halloween and looking scary, then you can still go out in costume even without the need for fake blood or a skeleton bodysuit. Wearing a beautiful dress may not seem like a costume, but if it's good enough for Sam in A Cinderella Story then it's good enough for you. Finish with nude heels and nude bag for a perfectly princessy style.


Pretty-halloween-1 It may seem like a cliché but it's an oldie-but-goodie. Wearing a catsuit would be a good start, but seeing as most of you probably don't have one, try black trousers and a bodysuit instead (I love the lace-up style of this one). A pair of cat ears and a faux fur bag will have you looking fiercely feline in no time.


Pretty-halloween-2 A mermaid is a great look to go for because chances are, you already own a sequin dress from last party season. If not then this one would be a great investment for both Halloween and all your upcoming Christmas events! Finish off with scaly shoes and outrageous makeup!


Pretty-halloween-4 A vampire is definitely a classic Halloween look and with shows like The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, you'll be bang on trend too. This berry dress and cape blazer will make a winning vampire combo and will be great through Autumn and Winter too. I was looking for the perfect pair of fang-like, pointy shoes and these missguided beauties are everything I had hoped to find! Garnish with a pair of fangs and fake blood and serve!

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