Pick your poison

If you’re only going to throw one party for the whole year then you should definitely make it a Halloween one! With endless cool ideas for decorations, outfits, food and drinks it makes so much more sense than going out. Well we’ve already covered decorations, food and outfits so we couldn’t leave you hanging on the drinks front could we? Baileys and Grenadine slowly poured into vodka and lime juice creates this gruesome “brain” cocktail. This blackcurrant and vodka concoction looks even more appealing when served in a frosted glass. Cocktail-article-1 These jelly worms give this fruity cocktail a fun halloween twist. If you’re more into shots than cocktails then try these amazing zombie brain shooters. Cocktail-article-3 Serve up a little black magic with these poisonous looking cocktails. And if you’re under 18/the designated driver/teetotal/just not into drinking then you don’t have to miss out on the fun - this mocktail looks just as good and will include you in the festive spirit. Cocktail-article-4 This ghostly cocktail may not exactly be made with ingredients you’d find lying around the kitchen but it’ll definitely make a killer addition to any party! Cocktail-article-2 All images and recipes sourced from pinterest.com

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