It's National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Picture the two best foods ever to be invented and then combine then. What do you get? A chocolate cupcake! As a baking enthusiast with a serious sweet tooth, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to round up all the most mouth-watering chocolate cupcake recipes in honour of National Chocolate Week (and also National Chocolate Cupcake day which is today!). You’re welcome. Article-size_cupcakes_3 Obviously the classic is always a good way to go. Don’t mistake humble for boring. Article-size_cupcakes_4 If you want something with a slightly lighter flavour then try this one with vanilla swirl frosting. Article-size_cupcakes_8 These peanut butter cupcakes look so good complete with a mini peanut butter cup! Article-size_cupcakes_6 Sticking with the theme, you’ll go completely nuts for these hazelnut cupcakes. I’m sorry, I know it’s bad but I can’t resist a pun or play on words. Article-size_cupcakes_7 Salted caramel is totally trending right now and these look incredible. I’ll definitely be making some of these ones! Article-size_cupcakes_2 I’ve made some of these oreo cupcakes before and they went down a treat - both in real-life and on instagram (because you know, if you don’t instagram your food then did it even happen?). Article-size_cupcakes_5 If you’re feeling fruity then check out these chocolate orange cupcakes. They’ll get you in the festive mood early this year. Article-size_cupcakes_1 My personal favourites are these s’mores cupcakes; biscuit base, chocolate cupcake, marshmallow centre and milk chocolate ganache topping. What more could a girl wish for? All images and recipes sourced from

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