Classic vs creative Wimbledon treats

With Wimbledon underway, is there any better way to celebrate than with some tennis themed treats? It’s no question really. But, the real question is, classic or creative? You decide!

1. Tea sandwiches

Tea sandwiches are the ultimate Wimbledon snack. I mean, they’re cute and tasty. What more could you want? This cucumber tea sandwiches recipe is perfect if you want to keep it simple. Plus, it shows you how to make them with 3 different spreads in 3 different ways! Alternatively, if you’re after a little bit of a kick, look no further than this spicy avocado egg salad recipe. 1

2. Strawberries and cream

Calling all sweet lovers! It’s time to satisfy your sweet tooth with some serious strawberry and cream goodness. Keep it classy with this strawberry shortcake cheesecake, which is super easy to whip it. Or, go all out with these amazing roasted strawberries and cream popsicles. Yes, roasted strawberries. And, can we just appreciate how photogenic these bad boys are? 2

3. Pimm's o'clock

Pimm’s is basically Wimbledon in a glass, so you’ve just gotta treat yourself to one (or two!). If you’re after that cult zesty-come-fruity taste, check out this recipe. All you’ll need is some lemon juice, simple syrup, Pimm’s no.1 cup, sparkling soda and some optional garnishes. Simple! Finally, this super fun Pimm's jellies recipe is great for mixing things up. And, with only four steps, you’ll have a glass in hand in no time. 3

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