8 recipes to get eggcited about

Being an avid baker, there is no time of year more exciting for me than Easter! It's the perfect time to go baking mad with Mini Eggs and Shredded Wheat chocolate nests galore! My favourite of them all though, has to be the Crème Egg and I've found loads of amazing recipes that I'll be giving a try this year!

1. Crème egg cupcakes

Cupcakes are always a good way to go! These ones not only look cute but come with a surprise Crème Egg stuffing!

2. Crème egg cookies

More of a cookie person? Give these a try! Article_CremeEgg_3

3. Crème egg brownies

I have actually made some Crème Egg brownies before and they were uh-mazing so I would seriously recommend giving them a go!

4. Crème egg rocky roads

And how good do these rocky roads look? They're worth making for the instagram-able quality of them alone! Article_CremeEgg_4

5. Crème Egg Cheesecake

If you feel like trying something a bit different then this Crème Egg cheesecake will really get people talking!

6. Crème egg ice cream

I've never attempted making my own ice cream before but this looks so good that I might just have to try! Article_CremeEgg_1

7. Crème egg milkshake

Why not really mix things up and drink your Crème Egg instead of eating it by whipping up one of these yummy looking milkshakes?

8. Crème egg scotch egg

And this recipe is my favourite by far - I give you the Crème egg scotch egg! Top points for originality to whoever came up with that one; these are going on my must-try list! Article_CremeEgg_2

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