6 warming Bonfire Night snacks

1. Sausage party!

To me, sausages are one of the best comfort foods there is and, plus point, they’re super versatile and go with everything! Here are three sausage filled recipes that are sure to keep you warm and cosy on Bonfire Night. First up this Mary Berry classic, a sausage, potato and veg one-pot delight. Grab your onions, peppers, potatoes and sausages, sprinkle on some olive oil, garlic and herbs and roast all together for 30-35 mins.

Various delightful sausage dishes

Another classic has to be bangers and mash, a family favourite and the perfect thing to warm you up after a bonfire. Finally, the easiest way to enjoy a sausage if you’re outside watching the fireworks is a tasty hot dog. Grab yourself the finest sausages, caramelise your onions, whack them all in a bun and don’t forget the ketchup!

2. Toffee apple treats

You can’t have a Bonfire Night bash without a sweet treat, (obviously!) and toffee apple has to be the flavour of the occasion. I’ve found three desserts, verging from tricky to easy as pie, for you to get some toffee apple treats in your life! Firstly, this Toffee Apple Gingerbread Loaf is stunning and would make a great showstopper. It’s a gingerbread cake with pieces of apple mixed through the batter and drizzled with toffee sauce, sounds pretty amazing to me! Next up, these Toffee Apple Cupcakes are a more portable option if you’re heading outside into the cold to flail around some sparklers! Grab a flask of tea or coffee and one of these and you’re set. Finally this Toffee Apple Chocolate Bark is super duper easy. All you need to do is dry some apple slices in the oven (or buy the ready made kind!) and then crush up some Crunchie bars for a honeycomb bite and then spread them all over melted chocolate on baking paper. Done!

Toffee apple treats

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