6 reasons we’re excited for Queer Eye season 2

When we heard Queer Eye was being renewed for a second season we just about managed to stop crying over the first series having so few episodes. Here are all the reasons we’ve cancelled our weekend plans to binge-watch season 2. But first, check out the season 2 trailer:

1. It’s heartwarming

From the emotional rollercoaster that was Tom and Abby, to AJ’s coming out to his step-mum it was all very emotional. So, come on, hand up if you cried! Season 2 looks set to tug at our heart-strings once again!

2. The Fab Five

These boys make the show. Since Karamo, Tan, Jonathan, Bobby and Antoni entered our lives we’ve never looked back. We find ourselves looking in our wardrobes every day thinking what would Tan recommend to wear? Or thinking when we’ve just popped out of the shower ‘Let me just take 5 mins for myself to moisturise like Jonathan said’.

We can’t wait for more banter and cute moments between the team.

3. This season includes even more diversity

This season it’s not only men that are getting transformed by the Fab Five. This season includes it’s first-ever female and transgender participants to b made-over!

4. Bobby builds a house in 48-hours?!

We all know that Bobby is the one that does the most work out of the Fab Five and this season he is set to do even more than he did before. Go, Bobby!

5. New theme song

6. More laughs

From Jonathan’s sassy one-liners to the way the people on the show always surprise us with their jokes we’re sure in for some funny moments! This show is literally a laugh a minute and we kind wait for more hilarity!

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