6 grilled cheese sandwiches you need in your life

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day a.k.a the best day of your life is officially on 12th April. Naturally, I've got 6 incredible cheesy snacks to share with you today. Normally I theme these posts up, see peanut butter treats and watermelon for reference, but, this time, I've decided to go with 6 stand-alone, strong contenders for the best meal of your life.

1. It's bacon me crazy

Yep, you heard me correctly. Pasta + cheese + bacon inside a toasted sandwich. Carb heaven, right? This bacon mac and cheese melt is pure delight and so's the blog where the recipe came from. This guy knows how to eat and he creates some insanely tasty dishes. This bad boy being one of them. Plus, it's super easy. Imagine having some leftover mac and cheese (I know, as if that would ever happen), and some bacon in the fridge on a Sunday afternoon. Hello, perfect hangover day snack!

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2. You're my lobster

This one is all kinds of fancy and probably more likely to happen with prawns or Lidl's amazing crayfish selection but all the same, delicious. Sea food lovers rejoice over this lobster grilled cheese! Cheese + crustacean = dream.

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3. The grown-up grilled cheese

Having your mum round? Literally only have cheese, onions, bread and that kale you meant to eat the other week in the fridge? Make this kale and balsamic onions grilled cheese. She will be 100% impressed and won't worry about your wellbeing one bit. Nailed it.

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4. Italian stallion

This sundried tomato spinach grilled cheese is a tasty little Italian-inspired toastie that we're all about. Those tasty, oily, sundried tomatoes are going to cut through the melted cheese like nothing else and spinach, well, spinach always makes things vaguely healthy, right?

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5. He does avocado

I couldn't make it through a savoury blog post without including a recipe with avocado in it. This turkey bacon avocado grilled cheese sounds utterly delightful and there's nothing I like more than avocado with bacon. It's just a classic.

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6. Unicorn dreams

When I spotted this multi-coloured dream boat of a sandwich then I couldn't not include it. I don't know how they've made it and I don't know what it tastes like but I know one thing. It looks amazing! Hey, rainbow grilled cheese, I'm into you.

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Still hungry? Check out the rest of our foodie posts in the food and drink section. You're welcome!

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