6 epic BBQ recipes

It's time to heat up that BBQ and hope for some sunshine. Here are 6 amazing recipes that you need to try if you're having a get-together this summer.

Steak kebabs

Steak kebabs are an absolute necessity when it comes to a BBQ, pair them with whatever veg you like, (onions are great for flavour!) and add a spicy Chimichurri sauce for dipping! Article_EpicBBQ_5

Baked garlic parmesan potato wedges

This recipe is a perfect accompaniment to any BBQ. If you don't fancy the parmesan then maybe try adding extra herbs and some chilli flakes for an extra kick! Plus, because they're baked in the oven it leaves you more space on the grill for tasty meat treats. Article_EpicBBQ_1

Coconut marinated grilled chicken

This coconut milk marinated chicken is definitely going to bring a tropical flavour to your BBQ. This recipe packed full of flavour, you'll need limes, curry powder, paprika, ginger, garlic and hot sauce to marinate your chicken alongside the gorgeous coconut milk. Try and do it either the morning or even the day before your BBQ for seriously tasty chicken. This would work on breasts, legs and wings so whatever cut takes your fancy, give this a go! Article_EpicBBQ_3

Sweet potato burgers with avocado and roasted garlic cream

To suit any veggies coming to your BBQ, these amazing sweet potato burgers are bound to make them happy. Cook them as per the recipe and then pop them on the grill for a few minutes so they can grab some of the smoky flavour! These go so well with avocado but you could make it into a classic guacamole if you prefer. I think I'd add some halloumi to these too if I was you... Article_EpicBBQ_2

Grilled hot dogs

Obviously, a British BBQ wouldn't be complete without a hot dog but this recipe takes it to a whole new level. The secret is all in the sauce and great quality buns! You can have the cheapest, most regular hot dogs out of the tin but when grilled on the BBQ with that special criss-cross trick and paired with the best sauce and bread, it's something else. Article_EpicBBQ_4

Campfire cones

This amazing recipe is from across the pond, our US besties have told us all about these amazing s'more like desserts that are perfect for the grill. All you need is some waffle ice cream cones, a whole load of marshmallows, berries and chocolate chips to stuff into them plus some foil to wrap them in. Happy BBQing guys! Article_EpicBBQ_6

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