5 ways Apple devices are built for student life

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Ok, so student life is looking a bit different this year but a lot of the fundamentals remain the same. Whether you’re fully immersed back into campus life or you’re logging in from home, the tech you use is still pivotal to either. So it doesn’t matter if you’re more iPad or Mac, here’s a few reasons your Apple product will make the best companion for any student.

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1. Note-taking is a breeze

Taking good notes is an essential part of student life, but we know that everyone has their own way of taking in info from lectures and seminars. That’s where your iPad comes in. An iPad allows you to take notes in the form of text, sketches and even audio or photos, which means that no matter what your learning style is, you'll always have solid notes to refer back to. Apple Pencil’s pixel-perfect precision and incredible responsiveness make the iPad the perfect device for taking your study notes, painting or marking up your documents. Another handy feature is that your notes are synced across devices so forget worrying about misplacing scrappy bits of paper because these notes will be very hard to lose.

2. You can work from anywhere

Now more than ever having a device that you can take anywhere is so important. Maybe you want to tune into an online lecture from the garden, work from a cafe or carry with you from lecture to library, and this is where Apple products really do excel. Mac notebooks are incredibly thin and light, which make them perfect for transporting around with you all day. They’re also durable enough to weather student life and even last beyond your classroom years. The iPad is also great for portability with its all day battery life and if you choose an iPad with WiFi+ cellular it means you’ll be able to stay connected even when you’re away from WiFi.

3. They’re intuitive to use

Student life is hard enough without having to worry about how to use your device. Firstly, if you’re using an iPhone already, you’re going to love using a Mac. They are intuitive, easy to use and designed to work seamlessly with other Apple devices. Thanks to iCloud all your documents and photos will be synced across your devices and it’s easy to stay in touch using iPhone calls through your Mac.

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4. More than just for writing essays

We all know student life isn’t just about churning out essays. You need a device that’ll keep up with everything that encompasses being a student. Mac comes with a range of productivity tools from reminders to keep you on track to iMovie. It’s also the ideal device to binge-watch your latest TV obsession. When it comes to the iPad, the App Store contains over 1 million apps, including incredible Augmented Reality apps that bring virtual objects into the real world.

5. They slot right into your life

The iPad and Mac laptops are both compatible with the software we use everyday like Microsoft Office and Google Docs, and also come with powerful in-built apps like Pages and Keynote. This means it’s really easy for these devices to keep up with whatever you need from them. With iPadOS it is super easy to use multiple apps at once, easily drag and drop content between different apps and manage files using the Files app.

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