5 UK craft beer bars you need to visit

If you’re a fan of craft beer or you’ve recently ditched the usual lagers for something a bit more interesting then you’re gonna want to stick around. Craft bars tend to be more than just somewhere to grab a beer. You’ll usually meet some pretty cool people, be able to grab some proper grub and most get extra hipster points for having a cupboard full of board games.

I’ve lined up 5 of my favourite bars spread across the UK for you guys to give a go!

1. Junkyard, Nottingham

Junkyard was one of the first new wave craft bars to pop up in Nottingham. It seats 140 people and has a hidden garden which connects it to it’s sibling bar the Herbet Kilpin. Junkyard always has a good tap lineup as well as plenty of cans and bottles in their fridges along the outer edge of the bar.

2. Beavertown Brewery, London

Technically not a bar but a must visit if you’re a fan of Beavertown. This has to be the cheapest place in London to grab 2/3rds of Beavertown beers with each glass coming in at an epic £2.50. You also get the chance to test out beers that Beavertown are working on which aren’t yet available elsewhere!

3. No1 Watson Street, Manchester

If you’re looking for somewhere super laid back and relaxed to grab a beer then No1 Watson Street is a definite winner. There are 12 lines on which serve up local UK beers and ciders as well as heavily stocked fridges which offer up beers from further afield. If you’re a beer geek you’ll probably love your glassware too and I’m a big fan of the No1 stemmed glasses.

4. Friends of Ham, Leeds

Two of my favourite things come together extremely well at Friends of Ham: Beer and Charcuterie. Friends of Ham has a super relaxed atmosphere with a great range of beers which rotate through the night as the beer before finishes. They provide awesome meats and cheeses to accompany your beer too, what more could you ask for?!

5. Brewdog, Aberdeen

If you’re a fan of Brewdog then it’s definitely worth checking out their flagship bar in Aberdeen. The bar opened back in 2010 and was the first of their now 40+ roster! As well as being a great place to go and grab a drink, Brewdog now runs it’s beer school where you and your friends can learn all about the beer you’re drinking, what’s in it and how it’s made.

There we have it guys, 5 awesome bars for you to visit with plenty of good beer, good food and good people!

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