4 scone recipes you need in your life

Ah, the scone. The pinnacle of all regional arguments. Is it scone as in gone, or scone as in stone? We may never know. But what we do know is that is Afternoon Tea Week kicks off on the 14th of August, which gives us a great excuse to nosh on these British beauties. If you fancy yourself a real competitor for appearing on Bake Off, you should try making these!

1. Cheese and bacon scones

A savoury scone? What madness is this? I promise you they are fabulous, and served warm with lashings of butter they are enough to satisfy any salty craving. These would be perfect to meal prep, making them ready to munch before you head to work. Add to a basic scone recipe: 150g cheddar cheese and 10 rashers of bacon - easy!

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2. Pimms scones

These would be amazing for an afternoon tea, paired with an ice-cold glass of our favourite summer drink. Simply cut the scone in half and pop in chopped strawberries and Pimms-infused cream. Your friends will be impressed at how pretty and tasty they are! Add to a basic scone recipe: 300ml double cream, 50ml Pimms, 2 tbsp icing sugar and 300g pack of strawberries.

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3. Lemon drizzle scones

Instead of serving up the classic cake, try this bite-sized version. Stir in the lemon zest into the dough, and lemon juice and zest into icing sugar to decorate. They’ll add a zesty touch to any event, and are brilliant for anyone that likes a bit of bite. Add to a basic scone recipe: 3 sprinkles of zest, 1 tbsp lemon juice, and 3 tbsp icing sugar.

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4. Chocolate toffee scones

If you’re looking for a sweet indulgence, these are the scones for you. Adding toffee pieces and chocolate chips to the mix will give you a sugar rush like no other. We recommend pairing them with a hot chocolate or a mocha for the perfect chocolate fix. Add to a basic scone recipe: 50g of chocolate chips and toffee pieces. Poppets would be great for this, remember them? An image

Words: Eve Smallman. Find me on my blog and on Instagram

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