Jordan Bunker's stylish gift guide

If you’re looking for presents for a partner, stuck with the hard-to-please for Secret Santa or wanting to add something onto your wish list, then UNiDAYS has you covered. Don’t worry. I get it. Sometimes presents for guys can be a pain and my girlfriend never fails to remind me. So after taking a look online, here are a few ideas to make sure you can find a gift for every type of guy or help point your friends in the right direction.

For the tech lover

This guy is probably found abandoning deadlines for nights in on the console with friends. Christmas is all about buying gifts people are going to enjoy and use, right? Has their free three-month Apple Music membership ran out? Add an extra couple months on their behalf so they can continue to listen to their favourite pre-drinks (or revision) playlists depending on the evening. Failing that, maybe an accessory or game from Microsoft to distract them even further from looming deadlines? You’ll struggle to find one guy who will turn down a game on the new FIFA.

The wardrobe update

As students, when that loan comes in it’s easy to think nights out, shopping and imaginary holidays when really the reality is more like rent, bills and budgeting. Christmas is a time where investing in some pieces from some of your favourite brands for others doesn’t feel as guilty. It’s also a great opportunity to add something that’s been missing from your wardrobe.

I’m suggesting a couple of my favourite brands when it comes to gifting for guys. Both Barbour and Levi’s are great options if you’re uncertain on their style preferences, as both are solid brands when it comes to producing classic pieces, good denim and outerwear. If you’re looking for something to add to this year’s wish list, then these two brands are a great place to start.

Barbour can always be trusted when it comes to its jackets and definitely something that will go down well come the 25th. The classic Bedale is a staple jacket with a style that won’t ever age. As for Levi’s, I’ve been a fan of the brand for a while, championing both their denim jackets and 511 slim fit jeans. Try and eye up what fit would suit who you are buying for though. Would they suit a regular cut or skinny?

stylish gifts

If you’re looking for something a little smaller and perhaps for the winter optimists… some sunglasses from Hawkers might do the trick and trigger the first subtle hint of wanting to book a summer holiday.

Playing it safe

They say clothes can be a tricky one, so my traditional present option would be to choose a fragrance. Everyone waits until the festive season to replenish their favourite perfume or aftershave. Take a look on the shelf to see what their favourites are and then head over to [The Fragrance Shop] where you can get 10% off. I can vouch for the Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo fragrance, as that’s my current daily spray.

Final word

They are a few of my gift suggestions for this Christmas that should see you over the line when it comes to buying for guys or if you were in need of some inspiration for your festive wish list. I’m excited to see what you decide to buy this Christmas and let me know what you get either on Twitter or Instagram!

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