6 dishes to order to get you match ready

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Summer is here and what better way to get match ready than enjoying a tasty dish as you sit down in the evening. Whether you’re a big fan or you’re just getting involved for the ride, don’t forget to grab £15 off your first order with Uber Eats, using your UNiDAYS discount.

1. Pepperoni pizza

Name a better combination than football and pizza. Whether you prefer thin and crispy or usually go all out with a stuffed crust, pepperoni pizza is a top tier choice. Especially with some BBQ sauce. If you’re having people over why not treat yourself to some crowd pleasing side orders like coleslaw, chips or onion rings.

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2. Nutritious stir fry

Delicious as well as being fairly nutritious, a stir fry gives you plenty of nutrients with a variety of fresh vegetables thrown in for good measure. Choose your favourite meat, fish or vegetarian filling and before you know it you’ll be enjoying the football and slurping on your noodles.

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3. Cheeseburger and fries

Just thinking about this combination is enough to make your mouth start watering. Whether you opt for sweet potato fries, chunky chips or regular fries to go with your burger, you know it’s going to be worth it. Compliment this classic combination with your favourite beverage, sit down, relax and enjoy the football.

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4. Tasty tacos

It’s time to move away from your standard food order and mix things up a bit with a fiery mexican! Choose from an array of meats, fish and vegetarian options to suit your mood and pack a punch. If you’re not feeling tacos, nachos could be a great option to share with your mates… just make sure you’ve got all the toppings.

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5. Chicken tikka masala

Nothing beats sitting down to enjoy your favourite curry which has been delivered to your doorstep. If you feel like upping the heat why not ask for extra chillies if you’re feeling spicy. Don’t forget to order a naan bread and onion bhajis for a 10/10 winning combination.

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6. Doughnuts

Having some sweet treats whilst watching the football has got to be done, just make sure you save room for dessert. The best thing about doughnuts is you can now get so many different flavours and toppings. Whether you prefer the original jam doughnut or something more extravagant like your favourite biscuit crumbled on top of some icing. There’s so many options for you to enjoy.

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