4 tips to dress like a queen on a student budget

Let's be honest. Student life isn't easy, especially when you're skint all the time but want to buy a new outfit every week. Shopping on a student budget is hard, we get that. That's why we've put together a little guide to help your money go that little bit further. Plus, don't forget you can grab 30% off with Missguided for a limited time only.

1. Invest in a key piece

If it's an item you're no doubt going to wear a lot, our top tip is to invest a little bit more in it to ensure it lasts. Try to go for something versatile that looks great with a dress and heels as well as jeans and trainers. Or, something that works for summer and winter, like this black tassel blazer dress. Or why not opt for a denim oversized jacket which is perfect for chucking on over the top of your going out outfit, or on top of a hoodie when it gets a little colder.

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2. Go back to basics

Basics are a simple classic that often get overlooked. But when money it a little tight and you're skint af, it's time to make them work a little harder for you. A few bodysuits in neutral colours can be paired with literally anything to give you so many options. Wear them with leggings and activewear for comfort in lectures or a jersey bodycon can be dressed up or down for night and day. All these items can be picked up for pretty cheap and make your outfits stretch that little bit further. This white boyfriend tee and black cami body are definitely wardrobe staples.

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3. All about accessories

Accessories can really help to take your outfit to the next level. Whether it's a statement necklace to transform your bodycon dress, a tote bag to shove your uni work in or some sunglasses to hide your hangover. The options are endless.

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4. A dress for every occasion

Sometimes you've just got to treat yourself, and a big occasion is one of those times. Why not invest in a classic piece that can be worn over and over again when those big occasions pop up. It's always handy to have a go-to outfit for events like family parties, weddings, race days etc. Why not stand out from the crowd with this pink bandeau jumpsuit and make sure you're ready for every occasion.

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