4 awesome alternative date ideas

Arranging a first date can feel a bit like an interview. It may be 2017 and we may be all about equal rights but trust me when I say, most girls still wants us to make some decisions (and usually foot the bill) when it comes to a first date.

If you’re keen to avoid the formal vibes of a sit-down meal and casual drinks just seems a little too casual then I’ve got four awesome date ideas that will show you’ve used your initiative and get you in the good books from day one.

1. Rock climbing

So you wouldn’t want to go to the gym on a first date, that’s a little weird but even for the biggest couch potatoes, rock climbing is a fun active thing to do. You get to see each other in gym kit which is a bonus and if you’ve been working on your pull ups, you get to showboat a bit too!

2. Escape rooms

The best of us struggle for chat when it comes to a first date so being locked in a room with someone for an hour when you’ve just met them might sound odd but bear with me. Escape rooms rely on teamwork and don’t really leave time for things to get awkward which means your first hour together will go past pretty quick. It’ll also give you lots of stuff to talk about if you decide to go for a drink after!

3. Comedy club

Most women will say they like a guy that can make them laugh. Now you might be hysterical but if those first date nerves hit and the banter dries up you’re in trouble. Instead, let someone else do the laughs for you. Comedy is always a great way to scope out your potential partner's tastes and a sneaky way to work out whether you’d likely be compatible or not, another bonus, local comedy acts can actually be a pretty cheap date night too!

4. Cocktail making class

So I said earlier that a casual drink might be a bit too casual but not if you’re the one that’s making them! A typical class will last for about 90 minutes, which is a pretty good amount of time to kick off first date proceedings and will give you chance to get to know each other over alcohol, just without one of you going home sick in a taxi.

There you have it, four fun and different date ideas for you to try next time you don’t fancy a coffee or a pint and an awkward conversation.

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