Your official April 2019 playlist

By Cassidy Adams

Here's your April playlist!

It’s the perfect mix of brand new music and oldies. At the same time it has some of the biggest artists right now, and some newbies.

It’s the perfect playlist for a road trip, especially if you’re on your way to a music festival. Or, it's just some great music to blast on your way to school. It’s the perfect mix of upbeat and slow music, from spring break vibes to walking through a flower garden.

I hope you enjoy this playlist. Hopefully, you’ll hear your favorite song, or even find a new artist! Hope you love the April playlist! Cheers to music!

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I enjoy spending time with my family and friends trying out new coffee shops, watching movies, and binge watching all the new shows. I also love going to concerts. My social media handles include: Instagram (@amour.cas), Twitter (@stardust_cas) and I run my own part time blog at

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