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Rise Science 14 day Free Trial + 10% Off - UNiDAYS student discount June 2022



14 day Free Trial + 10% Off
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How to Become a Morning Person Even if You’re a Night Owl
These tips will help you shift. Try them with a free RISE trial. Most feel different in 5 days.
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Do you wish you could become a morning person?
  • Yes! Want to be up with the ☀️
  • No way. I like being a night 🦉
  • An hour earlier would be nice ⏰
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How To Wake Yourself Up: 20 Science-Backed Tips
Feeling sleepy?
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Are you a Night Owl 🦉 or an Early Bird 🐦?
  • 🦉 Night Owl
  • 🐦 Early Bird
  • ➡️ ⬅️ In-Between
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Is this you in the morning? 🥱 😭😵😵‍💫🤪😳
Become a morning person 🤗
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Change your mornings from 💀 ➡️ 🙌
Try 7 days of RISE for free and become a morning person.
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Become a morning person!
Never been a morning person? Want to become one? Try RISE.
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Avoid Social Jetlag (feeling terrible) on Monday
That Monday drag could be the result of social jetlag from late nights & sleeping in on the weekend
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Why sleep is ACTUALLY the magic drug
The science behind more energy, feeling better, and becoming a morning person.