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Motorola 10% Off - UNiDAYS student discount November 2021

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Congratulations to Sierra 🎉
Winner of the Milestone scholarship!
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razr has arrived
Innovation never looked so good. One phone. Two screens. Endless ways to flaunt your style.
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Congratulations to Thomas 🎉
Winner of the Most Curious scholarship!
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Your only homework assignment...
Is to spend $250. Quite a challenge, we know.
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What is the most important phone feature for you?
  • Battery life
  • Streaming speed
  • Camera quality
  • Storage
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You've probably spilled enough liquids on your phone...
It's time for an upgrade.
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Paying for textbooks should be a CRIME.
But don't worry, we'll bail you out. 💰
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Applications for the Most Curious superlative scholarship end TONIGHT!
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Tell us why you're the Most Curious and you could win a $2,000 scholarship
The best things in life all came from someone asking "why?"
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Most Curious
Calling all tinkerers, apply now.
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Who was the first phone manufacturer to connect mobile consumers to 5G?
  • Motorola 👍
  • Not Motorola 👎