If you’re considering muting R. Kelly, here are 15 top-notch substitutes

We'll survive without R. Kelly

Unless you have been sitting in your home alone, unplugged from all types of media, then you have probably heard about the "Surviving R. Kelly" docuseries that appeared on Lifetime a little over a week ago. The candid six-part docuseries, produced by Dream Hampton, details two decades of sexual abuse allegations against R&B singer R. Kelly. Numerous interviews and stories are delivered from celebrities and alleged victims. R. Kelly has repeatedly denied all allegations of sexual misconduct, abuse, and assault.

The record-breaking Lifetime docuseries provoked various reactions across social media---mainly expressing disgust and disappointment towards the R&B crooner. In fact, John Legend tweeted:

There has been a public outcry to revisit the #MuteRKelly protest. A lot of R. Kelly’s catalog of erotic, throwback hits including “Your Body’s Callin’ (Remix)”, “Bump n’ Grind”, “Honey Love”, “Down Low”, and many others were previously known to set a sensual tone. It’s hard to listen to his songs knowing that some of his lyrics correlate with the allegations. Also, a lot of allies are looking to ban his music to stand with the alleged victims and stop his power in the music industry. So, here are 15 throwback romantic R&B songs that are not written, performed, or produced by R. Kelly.

Avant - Makin’ Good Love

The iconic song is pretty straight-forward. The soft, bassline-knocking, lullaby-like urban beat partnered with romantic lyrics makes this song perfect for your love makin’ list.

112 - Peaches and Cream

I’m personally a fan of Oreos and Cream, but I am more than willing to settle for peaches if it involves Slim crooning the lyrics in my ear.

Trey Songz - Neighbors Know My Name

This braggadocious tune is perfect for the dirty talkers out there! Trey Songz chants about his above-par sex skills and how his neighbors hear all about it.

Pretty Ricky - Grind With Me

Okay, so confession time. I replayed the chorus over and over when I added this to the list. How can you not though? The minute you hear Pleasure P open the song with “Ooooohhhhh,” you're signaled to run to the dance floor...or to the bed. This song kinda-sorta shouldn’t have been played at the middle school dances.

Usher - Nice & Slow

You’re too young if you don’t recognize the “It's seven o' clock/On the dot/I'm in my drop top/Cruisin the streets” lyrics. Seriously though, this engaging ballad will make your heart drop as soon as the chorus comes on.

Joe - I Wanna Know

In this dreamy ballad, Joe quizzes his dream woman about all of her turn-ons, insecurities, and vulnerabilities so he can bring pleasure to her when these moments happen. So romantic...

Craig David - 7 Days

Remember the song about kindly asking a woman out for a drink on “Chuesday”. Then, making love on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and chilling on Sunday?

Omarion - O

Thank you, Omarion for teaching us an onomatopoeia lovesound. Other huge thanks for giving us this amazing slow jam.

Pretty Ricky - Hotline

This late night special song is a phone sex anthem. This song was popular well long before Facetime and Snapchat was popular. Perfect song to hit up bae after a night out.

J.Holiday - Bed

J.Holiday repeatedly chants about his ability to put his lover to bed after an intense session of love makin’.

Robin Thicke - Sex Therapy

Mr. Thicke turns up the intimacy heater in this steamy smooth talk ballad. The minimalist, R&B-tinging synthesized beat allows the singer to highlight his erotic, breathy lyrics. The song may be the perfect “warm-up” song.

The Dream - Falsetto

The Dream gives us a bit of a music lesson. In this synthesizer-and-guitar-heavy-combo, The R&B legend executes a perfect melodic story about how he and a woman have been exchanging subtly boastful, flirtatious cues to one another and he’s planning to spend the night to prove what kind of lover he is.

Ginuwine - Pony

I don’t think there’s any need to explain the personification of pony in this instance...

Usher - There Goes My Baby

Here is the perfect song when you haven’t seen bae in a long time and all you want to do is check them out, spoil them with terms of endearment, and share a night of love.

Mario - Let Me Love You

On the gentler side, we have Mario’s “Let Me Love You” track. Not necessarily a “love makin’ anthem” but a classic, romantic bop that should just be in your library.

Boom! These are 15 songs that you can add to your library to replace your former R. Kelly love music list. Of course, we can find a lot more songs to add to the list. But we can enjoy these hits for now. 😊 Just an assertive reminder to always make sure there is consent between both partners.

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