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Did Donald Trump have a button for Diet Coke in the Oval Office?
  • Absolutely
  • No way
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2020 was NZ's seventh hottest year on record. When was the hottest?
  • 2019
  • 2016
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'These are forms of structural violence'.
To some, last week's prison standoff in Waikeria wasn't a surprise, but the result larger issue.
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Which publications do you read on inkl?
  • AAP
  • The New Zealand Herald
  • Bloomberg
  • Financial Times
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What was your favourite scientific discovery of 2020?
  • Water on the Moon
  • Life on Venus (maybe)
  • Protein folding
  • Lab-grown meat
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Don't write 2020 off just yet.
There were some stories worth celebrating this year. Click below to read them.
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Which publishers are you reading on inkl?
  • The New Zealand Herald
  • Reuters
  • Bloomberg
  • The Independent
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What's your favourite way to consume news?
  • Newsletters
  • On an app
  • On social media
  • Radio/podcasts
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Read all the biggest stories from the week in one place.
A lot can happen in 168 hours. Read our Weekly Wrap to catch up with the news.
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What have you been reading about this week?
  • America's presidential transition
  • Diego Maradona's death
  • Free vaccine access
  • Whale stranding
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Here's some good news.
Planting trees can help fight against racial inequality and climate change. Here's how it works:
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How do you use inkl to help your studies?
  • To research for my assignments
  • I just use it for good news
  • For context on current issues
  • So I can impress my lecturers
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Looking for analysis on the news?
Try the section full of it on our app! Curated with analysis from 100+ of the world's best sources.
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Which do you prefer to read?
  • International news
  • Local news
  • A mix of both
  • Good news/ analysis
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What peaked your interest over the weekend?
  • Water on the moon
  • Bledisloe cup
  • America's election
  • Coral reef discovery
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Need to catch up with the latest news quickly? Try our 'Lead Stories' section.
Whether it's between lectures, assignments, or while drinking a coffee.
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Want to customize your news feed?
Try the 'For You' section of our app — filled with news about the topics you're interested in.
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Good news is now more important than ever.
That's why we curate a section full of it on our app.
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What peaked your interest this week?
  • NBA Finals
  • Solar power's rise in popularity
  • Nobel Prizes
  • NZ Election
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Get the latest news delivered to your inbox
With the inkl Morning Edition — bringing you all the biggest stories, straight to your email.
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We're going live with journalist Amy McQuire today!
To talk about how Indigenous affairs are reported on in Australia at 2:30pm AEDT. Don't miss it!
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Want to hear how the media can better serve First Nations people?
Tune into our talk with journalist Amy McQuire tomorrow at 2:30pm AEDT to find out.
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We're going live with journalist Amy McQuire on Thursday!
About how Australia's media can better serve First Nations people. Register here:
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Following the US election?
Stay informed with our curated section, full of up-to-date news on the race for the White House.
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We're going live with journalist Jane Gilmore!
To talk about how Australia's media and law use the words 'rape' and 'sex' interchangeably.
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Need some good news?
Try our section full of good news — curated by our team of editors.
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Want to get the most out of the inkl app?
We've made a video to help you do exactly that:
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Need to research for an assignment?
Try our topic tags, and read about a topic from every angle.
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What was your favourite piece of good news this week?
  • Rediscovered art in Japan
  • Myanmar's upcycling monks
  • Electric wheelchair speed record
  • The largest photo ever taken
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What peaked your interest last week?
  • Kenosha, Wisconsin protests
  • US sports boycotts
  • Video Music Awards
  • Thai student protests
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Why our readers love inkl
Invaluable curation of news from credible sources, and an app that works like that a dream.
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Which sport competitions have you been following on inkl?
  • NBA
  • Formula one
  • PGA
  • Champions League
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What're you reading about on inkl?
  • Coronavirus
  • Sport returning
  • US election
  • BLM protests
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What have you been following on inkl this week?
  • Stage 4 in Vic
  • TikTok ban in US
  • Beirut explosion
  • Mars rover launch
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Which of these publications do you read the most on inkl?
  • Crikey
  • Bloomberg
  • Financial Times
  • The Economist
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Where do you read articles on inkl?
  • Lead Stories
  • 'For You' section
  • Good News
  • Our Picks
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What is your favourite section on inkl?
  • Sport
  • Environment
  • Science
  • Politics