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Krew Free Trial: On-demand & live fitness classes - UNiDAYS student discount May 2022



Free Trial: On-demand & live fitness classes
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Procrastinating? Sounds familiar. Take a HIIT class tomorrow instead.
30 minute HIIT with one of our best trainers. Every Wednesday 7.30pm. Let's smash it together!🔥
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We all have our reasons for working out. Ours is this naughty jar!
Krew 1-0 Jar lid! 🤩 What's your reason? Whatever it is, there is a class for you on Krew.
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Where do you like to workout?
  • From the comfort of home
  • Local park
  • Only ever the gym
  • Workout... never done one!
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You asked, we delivered! Book Flora's class and build your 🍑 from home (or park)!
Wake up early on Tuesday to fire up your glutes and start the day right. Included in your free trial
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Are you up for a 🍑building class on Tuesday?
  • You bet I am! 🔥🍑
  • Would prefer to train smth else 😏
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Workout and compete with friends, frenemies, your crush or complete strangers.
Our AI powered leaderboard allows you to compete in class and track your performance.
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You heard it million times : Yoga is amazing for you!
We are not gonna say it again (tempted)! Sign-up for a free trial and try it out yourself.
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Trending classes this week! Take your pick.
Haven't tried Krew yet? FOMO alert 🚨😲Sign up for a free trial and catch up with your friends!
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What's your fitness goal? Whatever it is, we are here to help.
Krew is for beginners & fitness buffs alike. Explore our live fitness classes for free!
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Who are you betting on? We are going all in for Fluffy!
Did you know you can train live & compete with friends, strangers or even cats? Hell yeah 🔥
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Oh lord! Yesterday's HIIT class was brutal.
We are feeling a little bit masochistic today. Who wants to joins us for another one?
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Ready to smash this week? Here are our class recommendations!
Hit the link and train in real-time with top fitness coaches from all over the world. 💪🚀
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🤸🏼‍♂️Which FREE class would you like to try during the weekend?
  • HIIT
  • Mobility
  • Abs & Core
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#FRIDAYMOTIVATION: Move ur 🍑and book a class!
We all love Fridays, but don't forget to book a class for Monday. BTW we have a free trial 💪
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Excited to try FREE live yoga classes on Krew? Meet our yoga teacher Sushi 🧘🏽
Sushi will be hosting a free yoga class this week. Learn more about her story & teaching methods.
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Do you think that eating healthy is expensive and boring? 💸🥦
Are you caught up on this fitness myth? Krew PT & Nutrition advisor Natasha will prove you wrong.
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FREE Yoga class: What time of the day would you like to take a free class on Krew?
  • 🌞Morning (7am-10am)
  • 🍽Lunchtime (12pm-3pm)
  • 🌇Evening (6pm-8pm)
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Haven't tried live workouts on Krew yet?
Workout in real-time, with real people and get personalized feedback on the spot.
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Creating the perfect space to work out at home
Introduce these 5 small changes to make your home your favourite workout space.
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Monday is coming: Book a live fitness class to kick-start the week.
Sign up for a free trial and choose a class you like. Yoga or HIIT, the choice is yours.
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Squat variations you can do from home: demonstrated & explained
Learn proper squat technique with help of our pose correction tech.
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Fridays are for fitness. You need that endorphin kick.
Sign up for a free trial now and pick a class you like. You will thank us later.
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Tired of home workouts? Don't throw in the towel just yet!
Sign up for a 14-days free trial to transform your fitness game. We have a giveaway going on RN! 💪
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🤩🎁 Giveaway time: Win a yearly subscription for live fitness classes
Whoever attends most classes during their free trial wins a yearly Superstar plan. Ends 13/05/21 ⌛️
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Which class are you up for today?
  • Yoga
  • HIIT
  • Strength
  • Functional
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Kick off your week right with our yoga, mobility and breathwork classes
Road to mindfulness starts with live classes on Krew. Start your free trial now.
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Which exercise are you always skipping?
  • Burpees
  • Split squats
  • Pushups
  • Cardio
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Experience a class on Krew. You will never skip a workout again.
We bet you will get hooked on our live fitness classes. Try it out for free, no strings attached!
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Want to feel that post-workout pump? Join one of our live strength classes 💪
Muscle gains and soreness are included in our 14 days free trial. Pick a class and get pumped.
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Join Sushi's Ashtanga Yoga class on Krew
Let Sushi take you through ancient ashtanga practice- come intrigued, leave integrated.
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Satisfy your fitness cravings with live classes on Krew
In a mood for a fast-paced, intensive workout? Join Krew and sweat off yesterday's guilt.