Terms & Conditions

  1. UNiDAYS Rewards is a referral scheme for UNiDAYS members. Members (known as “Referrers”) can refer friends and classmates to UNiDAYS and get rewarded for their efforts with rewards credit (“Reward Credit”). Reward Credit can then be exchanged for electronic gift cards for various merchants (“Redemption”).
  2. Only verified UNiDAYS members are eligible to use UNiDAYS Rewards and make a Redemption.
  3. Referees must join UNiDAYS using a valid Rewards unique referral link in order for the referral to register in the referrer’s Rewards account.
  4. Members must not use their referral link in conjunction with any paid advertising or in any way that may adversely affect UNiDAYS’ reputation. Members agree to co-operate with UNiDAYS in the event of a request to change or remove activity undertaken by the user in connection with UNiDAYS Rewards or a referral link.
  5. A successful referral is made upon the referee successfully completing the creation of a verified UNiDAYS account (“Verified Referee“), and that Verified Referee completing at least one Engagement with UNiDAYS (“Successful Referral”). An ‘Engagement’ is when a Verified Referee accesses (e.g. reveals by clicking ‘claim’) a discount code on the UNiDAYS channels.
  6. Referrers must reach the target for the total number of Successful Referrals set by Us from time to time in order to claim their reward (“Claim Target”). Rewards Credit can be used for Redemptions from a selected list of retailers as decided by UNiDAYS from time to time. The choice of available gift cards varies depending on which country the Referrer is studying in and may change at any time without notice.
  7. Electronic gift cards are delivered by email, to the same email address used by the Referrer to register their UNiDAYS account.
  8. The amount of Rewards Credit earned for each referral (“Referral Rate”) may change from time to time without notice, but shall be displayed on a user’s account at all times. The Referral Rate displayed on a user’s account always reflects the current amount the referrer will receive per referral whilst that Referral Rate applies.
  9. The reward limit displayed on a Referrer’s account page (“Reward Limit”) is the maximum reward amount a Referrer can claim each month.
  10. Unclaimed Reward Credit from previous months does not affect your Reward Limit for the current month, so you can allow your unclaimed Reward Credit to build up if you wish.
  11. The Reward Limit displayed always reflects the maximum amount you can receive from referrals in a given month and this may change periodically without notice, but will always be displayed on a Referrer’s account page.
  12. The Redemption options available to a Referrer may be changed at any time without notice, but shall always be displayed on a Referrer’s account page.
  13. The most current Referral Rate, Reward Limit and available Redemptions can be seen in your Rewards account. Browser must be refreshed and/or the UNiDAYS App must be connected to a working internet connection to view the latest details.
  14. Only one claim for Redemption can be submitted at a given time. If a claim is pending, a Referrer shall not be able to submit another Redemption claim until the existing Redemption claim has been processed.
  15. Redemptions are issued as gift vouchers and delivered via email, usually within 4 weeks, although this may take significantly longer during busier periods.
  16. No cash alternative for a Redemption or Rewards Credit is available.
  17. Any outstanding Reward Credit can only be claimed from a verified UNiDAYS account. Where an account expires, unless the account is successfully re-verified within 90 days of the date of expiry (“Re-verification Period”), such accounts will forfeit any outstanding Reward Credit and incomplete Redemptions. Where an account expires but is successfully re-verified within the Re-verification Period the Reward Credit and any live Redemption claims will become active again.
  18. UNiDAYS may suspend or terminate the referral program or a user’s ability to participate in the referral program (save in respect of fraudulent or abusive activity, which shall be dealt with under clause 19) at any time for any reason upon the provision of 7 days prior notice. Where the program or a user’s account is suspended or terminated, all Reward Credit and incomplete Redemptions shall be forfeit.
  19. The Parties agree that the UNiDAYS Privacy Notice applies to this Agreement and that further to the processing of data and use of data UNiDAYS may carry out in accordance with the Privacy Notice, the following processing may also be carried out in order to fulfil UNiDAYS’ obligations under this Agreement: UNiDAYS may email a Referrer at any stage in order to send any communications set out in this Agreement; and UNiDAYS may hold and process the data provided by a Referrer to UNiDAYS (“Referrer Data”) for the purpose of maintaining and running the Referrer's rewards account. UNiDAYS may also share such Referrer Data with both the suppliers of the Redemptions and any third party contracted by UNiDAYS to manage the referral system (if applicable) as is necessary to provide the Redemptions under this Agreement.
  20. Notwithstanding the other terms of this agreement, UNiDAYS reserves the right to immediately suspend accounts or remove Reward Credit if it notice any activity that we believe is abusive or fraudulent. UNiDAYS reserves the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend accounts or modify referrals as deemed fair and appropriate in UNiDAYS’ absolute discretion.
  21. Neither of us can assign its interest in the Agreement (or any part of it) without the other agreeing to this in advance in writing, except We can assign, transfer or sub-contract our interest in the Agreement to any member of the group of companies to which We belong.
  22. The Parties only have the right to enforce any of these Terms and Conditions. However, this restriction does not apply to members of Our group (whether now or in the future) from time to time who We may give the right to enforce the Agreement as if they were Us
  23. This Agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law and any disputes between us will be dealt with exclusively by the English Courts, save that if you are a consumer and resident in Northern Ireland or Scotland, you may bring a claim in your local jurisdiction (as applicable).
  24. Appendix 1: termination of UNiDAYS Rewards programme 6 February 2019
  25. All UNiDAYS Rewards accounts and unclaimed credit will cease to exist at 00:00 6 February 2019
  26. The deadline for submitting rewards claims is 23:59 5 February 2019. Any claims received after this deadline will not be processed and the credit on the account will be forfeited
  27. UNiDAYS members can continue to earn credit for referring friends via their unique referral link until 23:59 5 February 2019, after this time no new referrals will be counted for credit and the rewards account will be closed. A successful referral requires the referred to have a full and complete, verified UNiDAYS membership